The Internet has revolutionized the real estate industry like nothing else.

This course explores is intended to help any Realtor®, no matter what their tech knowledge or skill level learn how to properly utilize and leverage the Internet to maximize & be more efficient with your time online, properly use search engines and browsers, better service consumers, gain & retain business, plus the legal, risk management and online safety concerns.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact of the Internet & how it has affected your business
  • Understand how to properly use web browsers & search engines to be more efficient online
  • Understand the legal risks & safety concerns of using the Internet to minimize your risks.


  • What tools do you need to maximize the Internet?
  • How to use, maximize & customize your web browser & really use a search engine
  • How to brand yourself (market) on the  Internet & Real Estate Website suggestions
  • Legal, Risk Management Considerations
  • Online & Computer Safety

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Live Instruction




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