Why is it that every report says record numbers of real estate consumers use the Internet these days & yet most REALTORS® still don’t generate much business from it? This course will teach you what sites your potential customers’ use, the different options for you promote yourself online, a crash course to getting started in Social Media, Syndication & much more so that you can put together an online marketing plan & start profiting online.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role & growth of the Internet & how it has changed the real estate consumers’ research process so that you can adjust your activities accordingly.
  • Identify the sites they use and the styles of advertising options available to help you effectively reach these potential clients & implement an online marketing plan
  • Understand the increasing role of social media as a long term relationship building tool & a game plan to implement your social media strategy.


  • Changing habits & demographics of Online Users
  • What Sites Consumers Use
  • Review of Online Marketing Options
    • Banner Advertising
    • Real Estate Site Networks
    • Search Engine Pay Per Click
  • Crash Course to Getting Started in Social Media
  • Drive traffic & lead generation to your website
  • Listing syndication
  • And much more

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