Would you be interested if I told you that you could run your entire business using FREE Google Tools?

This course guides you through the trove of amazing Google Tools that will help you reduce your operating costs, improve efficiency, communication, collaboration, tools for photo, video & virtual tour editing, mapping, 3D modeling, building websites, blogs and much, much more!

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand the numerous options that are available and their benefits so that you can determine which ones you would want to implement into your business
  • Understand how Google’s business model works and how that benefits you as a business owner so that you can use it to your advantage so you can lower your operating costs.


  • Cut down your operation costs to run your entire business using free Google tools
  • Build, edit & host your website, blog, photos, slide shows, virtual tours & videos for free!
  • Leverage cloud technology for storage & shared collaboration.
  • Use chat, video & voice communication tools to interact/communicate.
  • Use content aggregation tools to organize yourself & be more efficient in your daily tasks
  • Tie it all together to help improve your personal & business life for free!

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