About RETI

RETI is the premier real estate technology educational company offering an array of classroom material covering all aspects of technology, the Internet, websites, blogs, software, social media, search engines, marketing, and much, much more.  For a full list of topics, check out the Course Offerings page.

Based on the methodology of its founder Craig Grant, whose motto is "Advanced Real Estate Technology at a Pre-K Level", RETI strives to deliver technology in a fun, easy to follow manner so that our students cannot only understand the material but more importantly be able to go home and implement actionable items that can help improve their real estate business.

RETI is constantly looking for the next great instructors who can not just present but engage their students with these attributes.  If you are interested in potentially becoming an instructor for RETI, check out the Instructors - Work for Us page.

If you are interested in working with RETI, please check out Hire RETI, or if you have any questions check out the Contact RETI page.

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