Ensure that you stay out of trouble & on the righteous path by learning the NAR, Federal & State Policies Governing the Internet, E-mail, Social Media & Other Technologies that affect REALTORS’® Business &/or Marketing Practices. Plus, Copyright Risks, Tips to Avoid & Handle Online Disagreements, What You Can & Can’t Do in Social Media, Proper E-mail Etiquette, How to Keep You & Your Computer Safe & Virus Free & More.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Learn the laws & policies that govern your actions online so you can implement them into your business & stay out of trouble
  • Understand proper e-mail & social media etiquette of what you can & cannot say &/or do & how to avoid & handle online disagreements if they arise.
  • Identify the risks & actions that can get you viruses &/or become a victim so that you can implement safe practices in your online activity


  • Federal Laws (Can Spam Act, Junk Fax Prevention Act, Electronic Signatures, etc.)
  • State Laws – custom updated for each state
  • NAR Policies (IDX, Social Media Short Messaging & Branding, Code of Ethics, etc.)
  • Copyright & Copy Wrongs
  • What you Can & Can’t Do in Social Media
  • Proper Online, Social Media & E-mail Etiquette
  • Avoiding & Handling E-mail & Online Disagreements
  • Corporate Internet Usage Policy
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe from Viruses
  • E-mail, Internet, Online, Shopping & Mobile Safety Tips

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