How to Virtually Buy & Sell Real Estate
or Augmented & Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Augmented & Virtual Reality are changing the way consumers research and shop for property and are reshaping the real estate industry.  By attending this informative session, you will learn what they are and how to leverage them in your real estate business, plus see some examples of companies and products that are leading the way in this exciting space.

Direct Learning Objectives / In this session, you will learn how to…..:

  1. Define what Augmented & Virtual Reality are & what is behind their recent growth.

  2. Relate how the growth of augmented & virtual reality is impacting real estate

  3. Identify potential opportunities to use augmented & virtual reality in your real estate business


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  1. July 27, 2018

    Craig, Is there a video show how to use the google cardboard in my real estate business? Per your suggestion in the live course that I took…I purchase a google cardboard and downloaded the app.

    • August 21, 2018

      Hey Chris,
      No sorry we don’t have a video on Google Cardboard at this time, but will look into doing one soon


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