Facebook is the largest Social Networking site in the world & it has tons of potential for REALTORS® to make connections & generate business with potential clients. This course will teach you why Facebook is important for REALTORS®, the ins & outs of how to set up and run your custom Business Page, separate your Personal & Business lives, Get Likes & much more!

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand the social graph and why it and Facebook are so important to businesses & REALTORS®
  • Learn how to set up and run an effective business page & separate your personal & business lives
  • Identify your strategy on Facebook and develop a time management schedule to implement it after the class


  • Understanding the Social Graph & What Made Facebook Huge
  • Personal Profiles vs. Business Pages
  • Step by Step Set Up Your Business Page
  • Customize Your Page
  • How to Get a Following
  • How to Convert Your Following to $$
  • Customizing Your Settings
  • Customizing the Privacy Settings of Your Personal Profile to Protect You
  • Dummy Proof Your Life on Facebook
  • Create a strategy & time management plan
  • And More

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