GRI Technology Module

Craig has authored and is the lead instructor for GRI Technology &/or Marketing Modules for several states including Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

In addition to building the course presentation, course outlines, student manuals, instructor manuals and instructor training services can be provided as well as annual updates to ensure the course material stays current and relevant.

Course Description:

Nothing has changed the real estate industry more than the continuous growth & role of technology & the explosion of internet being used by both real estate practitioners & consumers.  With today’s consumer having access to more information & tools, their needs & expectations have evolved & they are demanding more knowledge & service from their REALTOR® than ever before.

Due to this, to succeed in today’s real estate industry, a licensee must learn about & be comfortable using the latest technologies available that will help them properly & safely reach, service & communicate with their potential, current, past customers in the most efficient way anywhere in the world & stand out from the competition.

It is not the intention of this course to make participants into technology experts; just to make them aware of important resources & develop a better understanding of the tools, rules, regulations, etc. & how to leverage the advantages of using technology to help them excel in todays real estate world.

Direct Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how technology has affected the role of todays real estate practitioners & consumers

  2. Understand the different mobile options (computers, smartphones & tablets) to determine the right one for your personal needs.

  3. Identify the right tools that can help address your needs &/or improve customer service

  4. Identify the right tools to run your business in the most cost & time-efficient manner.

  5. Identify the best marketing method to help reach consumers based on your personal marketing needs

  6. Understand the growth & importance of social media on todays consumer & how you can create a game plan to utilize it to generate business

  7. Identify the right social media network that is right for you & the client you desire to reach

  8. Understand what Viruses & Malware are & how they can infect your computer devices

  9. Identify techniques to encrypt your data & avoid getting viruses & malware.

  10. Understand what Encryption is & why it is important in securing your consumers data.

  11. Identify techniques to encrypt & protect your consumers data.

  12. Understand the state & federal laws relating to technology that affect your job as a REALTOR & your interactions with consumers.

  13. Understand the NAR policies laws relating to technology that affect your job as a REALTOR & your interactions with consumers.

  14. Understand the terms & dangers of copyright infringement, safe harbor & identify copyright safe sources.

  15. Understand the impact & importance of using proper online etiquette & how to handle conflict online.

  16. Identify the proper tools & techniques to keep you & your computer devices safe.

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4, 5, 6, 7 or 8



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