How to Become an Education Director's Best Friend

As a speaker/instructor, our livelihood is completely dependent on getting hired and more importantly rehired.  But that is a daunting task when you consider there are a lot of us out there vying for the same opportunities.  

So what do you do to help yourself stand out from the pack and endear yourself to the all-important decision-makers’?  

Learn the tricks of the trade from Craig Grant, an independent speaker who has passed on representation and yet been able to build up one of the most active speaking calendars in the industry including many premier spots at state conventions, corporate events and more throughout the US each year.

Objectives/Direct Learning Objectives:

  • Relate how an education director (or event planner) is tasked with multiple duties and is tapped for time and how to best contact and communicate with them

  • Identify the keep elements an education director looks for to evaluate you in the hiring process

  • Identify steps you can do to help make their life easier

  • Identify how to properly approach/introduce & communicate with an education director

  • Identify what you need to provide and how to help promote your offerings to an education director

  • Identify how to foster relationships & Getting rehired


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