Are you thinking about buying technology, but don’t know where to start?
Attend this course & get advice from an expert on how to pick the best Mobile Devices, Apps & Internet Service Provider, Office/Contact/Lead Management Software, Digital Cameras, Office Phone Solutions, Anti-Virus and much more for Your real estate business.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different options for mobile devices so that you can determine the right one for your personal needs.
  • Identify the right apps, software and tools that can help address your needs &/or enhance your customer service
  • Identify the right tools that will allow you to run your business in the most cost & time efficient manner.


  • Buy the Right Computer Device &/or Smart Phone
  • How to Pick Your ISP
  • Digital Cameras/Camcorders
  • VOIP Phone & E-Faxing Systems
  • Contact Management, E-Mail Marketing & CRM Systems
  • Leveraging Cloud & Software as Service Solutions
  • Picking the Right Anti-Virus
  • And much more

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