Ensure that you stay out of trouble & on the righteous path by learning the NAR, Federal & State Policies Governing the Internet, E-mail, Social Media & Other Technologies that affect REALTORS’® Business &/or Marketing Practices. Plus, Copyright Risks, Tips to Avoid & Handle Online Disagreements, What You Can & Can’t Do in Social Media, Proper E-mail Etiquette, How to Keep You & Your Computer Safe & Virus Free & More.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Learn the laws & policies that govern your actions online so you can implement them into your business & stay out of trouble
  • Understand proper e-mail & social media etiquette of what you can & cannot say &/or do & how to avoid & handle online disagreements if they arise.
  • Identify the risks & actions that can get you viruses &/or become a victim so that you can implement safe practices in your online activity


  • Federal Laws (Can Spam Act, Junk Fax Prevention Act, Electronic Signatures, etc.)
  • State Laws – custom updated for each state
  • NAR Policies (IDX, Social Media Short Messaging & Branding, Code of Ethics, etc.)
  • Copyright & Copy Wrongs
  • What you Can & Can’t Do in Social Media
  • Proper Online, Social Media & E-mail Etiquette
  • Avoiding & Handling E-mail & Online Disagreements
  • Corporate Internet Usage Policy
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe from Viruses
  • E-mail, Internet, Online, Shopping & Mobile Safety Tips

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  1. Helen Fernandez
    May 7, 2019

    How much is this class?

    • August 9, 2019

      Sorry I missed this question, but class prices are always set by the association, company or event planner that hires me, so you would have to check with your local provider on that.


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