Too Much Inbox (TMI)

Do you ever feel like your team’s marketing and communication efforts are for naught and you get the same group of members at each event?  Well the fact is your members are continuously being inundated with messages or have Too Much Inbox (TMI), so how do you break through the clutter and make sure your association’s voice is heard?  In this session the RETI Team will explore new techniques and vehicles that will help you boost your associations attendance, participation & more!


Each attendee will gain an understanding of of how best reach their overwhelmed and distracted members’ to improve the association’s marketing and communication efforts.

Direct Learning Objects

  • Recognize the increasing role & importance of social media, video and visual aids and how it impacts your association’s marketing & communication efforts.

  • Identify the best technology tools that can be used to help your local association in its’ marketing, communication, recruitment & retention efforts.

  • Develop a plan for how to use and implement these technology tools into your team’s (staff & leadership) workflow.

Topic Details


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