Working with Today’s Hyper-Connected Consumer

With the ubiquity of the Internet, Social Media, and mobile, you are now dealing with a consumer who has access to everything at any time, adept at doing their own research (sometimes to the point of being over-prepared &/or overwhelmed), has very little patience or loyalty compared to the customers of the past.  In other words, they are the Hyper-Connected Consumer. In this session, we will explore what is causing these changes and more importantly provide you with proven techniques on how to set yourself up for success and meet their expectations going forward.

Direct Learning Objectives

In this session, you will learn how to…..:

  1. Relate what are the major changes in today’s consumers’ behaviors and expectations compared to consumers of the past. 
  2. Identify what factors are causing the changes in today’s consumers’ behaviors and expectations.
  3. Identify the best solutions to ensure you are meeting today’s consumers’ expectations and needs.


Topic Details


1,2,3 or 4



Live Instruction




Marketing Provided


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