Canva for Real Estate Hands-On Workshop

2-4 Hours

Get a demo or tour of Canva the most popular marketing design program that can help you build your own marketing materials (business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, social media posts, cover photos, animations, videos, and more) very easily yourself.  Then get step-by-step instruction & assistance on how to use Canva, so by the end of the session, you can be your own designer!

Direct Learning Objectives / In this session, you will learn how to…..:

  1. Identify how to use Canva to create online and offline marketing materials.
  2. Identify how to use Canva to create videos to promote yourself, properties, etc.
  3. List tools and sources to create copyright safe marketing materials

Topic Details


2, 3, or 4 hours



Live Instruction




Marketing Provided


Course Materials

coming soon

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