GRI Marketing Module

Craig has authored and is the lead instructor for GRI Technology &/or Marketing Modules for several states including Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

In addition to building the course presentation, course outlines, student manuals, instructor manuals, and instructor training services can be provided as well as annual updates to ensure the course material stays current and relevant.

General Course Description:

Today’s consumers have access to more information & tools & are more mobile than ever before which has changed them in many ways.  One of the biggest changes in how consumers are affected by marketing and make their business decisions as they are inundated with marketing messages.  Additionally, today’s marketplace features consumers spanning several generations that approach and are affected by marketing very differently.  So for a REALTOR to succeed the need to adapt and change their marketing techniques & by making promotions more targeted, personal & visual and leveraging newer platforms including video & social media.

This session will explore how consumers are changing and what marketing techniques & tools you can implement for little or no cost and that require little technical skill or knowledge.

Direct Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify how & why marketing has changed over the years & trends that are affecting today’s consumers

  2. Relate how different generational age groups differ in the way they consume media and are affected by marketing

  3. Identify how to build an online presence that is consumer-focused & how to incorporate it into your marketing efforts.

  4. Relate the importance of having a Home Base or Hub & Spoke Marketing Technique

  5. Relate the importance of visual elements and Demonstrate how to incorporate them into your marketing efforts

  6. Identify new techniques being used to improve the performance of traditional marketing tools including direct mail, e-mail marketing, etc.

  7. Understand the growth & importance of Social Media on society, business & the real estate industry

  8. Understand the growth & importance of video & how you can leverage it in your marketing system.

  9. Understand the growth & importance of mobile & how you can leverage it in your marketing system.

Topic Details


4, 5, 6, 7 or 8



Live Instruction




Marketing Provided


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