How Technology Can Ruin Your Association

As an association, you are required to collect and store data including vital information of your members.  You’re also encouraged to use many technology tools that open you and your members up to the risk of viruses, malware, social engineering, identity theft, and more.  This session will help your association operate safer and steer itself through the perilous legal, online, and social media world.


Each attendee will gain an understanding of how the dangers that technology can bring upon your association and some simple techniques and tools to better defend itself against these perils.

Direct Learning Objects:

  • Identify different kinds of technology threats including viruses, malware, social engineering, etc. that can endanger your association and its members.

  • Recognize some easy techniques and tools your association can implement to combat the technology threats.

  • Develop a plan for how to use and implement these technology tools & techniques into your team’s (staff & leadership) workflow and practices.

  • Understand what Encryption is & why it is important in securing your consumer’s data.

  • Identify the proper tools and techniques to keep you and your computer devices safe.

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