Cyber Security: Protect Your Business from Digital Threats
or How Technology Can Ruin Your Business

As part of your professional duties as a REALTOR® you are charged with collecting and storing vital information from your customers/consumers. You also are encouraged to use many technology tools and online resources that open you and your clients up to the risk of viruses, malware, social engineering, identity theft, and more. Plus there are many laws, policies, and general etiquette items that have to be addressed. This session is intended to help today’s REALTOR® steer themselves and their clients through the perilous legal, online, and social media world, plus personal and computer safety tips.

Direct Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Viruses & Malware are and how they can infect your computer devices

  • Identify techniques to encrypt your data and avoid getting viruses & malware.

  • Understand the state & federal laws as well as NAR policies that impact them and develop an action plan to ensure they are doing them properly in their business practices.

  • Understand the terms & dangers of copyright infringement, safe harbor, and identify copyright safe sources.

  • Understand the impact & importance of using proper online etiquette and how to handle conflict online.

  • Identify the proper tools and techniques to keep you and your computer devices safe.


  • What are Computer Viruses & Malware

  • How to Get & Avoid Viruses/Malware

  • Non-Comprehensive Anti-Virus Protection

  • Weak/Outdated (non-patched) programs

  • Weak or Repeated Passwords

  • Social Engineering

  • Phishing Techniques

  • Securing Your Data
  • Encryption

  • Network Security

  • E-Mail Security Tips

  • Internet Security Tips

  • Computer Security Tips

  • Cloud Solution Tips Security Tips

  • Personal Security Tips

  • Educating Yourself/Every Member of Your Team

  • Digital Communication Etiquette 101

Topic Details


1, 2, 3 or 4



Live Instruction




Marketing Provided



  1. February 17, 2018

    I was in your class in Austin, TX last week and would like to get your power point as you stated we could.

    • March 24, 2018

      Hey Debbie,
      Not sure how I missed this so I apologize. You can download any of my classes by going to and then click on Student Downloads and then choose any class from the list. Hope this helps.
      Craig Grant

  2. May 13, 2021

    Hi Craig,
    I’d like your pricing information for a 1 or 2-hour Cybersecurity/Business Security class, offered virtually, with no CE to our members. I’m not sure if we need the full “How Technology Can Ruin Your Business” course, but would appreciate details including pricing for that as well. We are a small association with less than 4,000 members, and will be conducting all training during 2021 virtually. Thank you.


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