Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business and Your Clients

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Technology has revolutionized the ways we live, shop, socialize, entertain, access information, and conduct business in the modern world. Powered by the Internet, cloud-based tools, social media, and mobile apps, the technology revolution has delivered tremendous positive impact by bridging gaps between cultures, improving quality of life, enhancing operational efficiencies and speed, and many other advancements. However, if used without proper safeguards, modern-day technology can expose agents and their clients to many vulnerabilities. Viruses, malware, social engineering, identity theft, and other malicious threats (all of which are growing at alarming rates) are particularly concerning because the nature of the business requires real estate professionals to collect and store their clients? personally identifiable information.
This course empowers agents with the strategies and tools you need to navigate your business and clients through the perilous legal, online, and social media world. Course participants also leave with actionable tips and strategies for personal security as well as security for your technology devices.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how viruses and malware can infect your computer and mobile devices

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  1. November 20, 2018

    Hi Craig,
    Do you have any 3 hour classes designed specifically for Brokers/Owners/Managers as it relates to Tech and keeping them up to date on what they should have or be aware of as it relates to their brand and keeping their agents up to date? Something that will would provide them with a compelling reason to give up their busy time to come in and listen?
    518.464.0191 x15
    I’m planning m 2019 calendar and i’m going to offer some Broker specific courses. I’d like to offer a morning session for Brokers and an afternoon session to agents. Call or email me. Thanks.



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