Market Like a Rockstar on a Roadies Budget
- Your New Real Estate Marketing Plan

Modern marketing has changed completely over the last few years.  Gone are mass-marketing approaches like print, yellow pages and direct mail, in are newer more cost-effective and targeted techniques including social, mobile, video, search engines, portals, and relationship-based marketing.
In this session, you will learn about these newer options so you can create a better marketing plan that will help you grow your business without blowing out your budget. Plus, gain several easy to use resources and tools that will allow you to create your own marketing materials no matter what your level of tech or design skill is.

Direct Learning Objectives:

In this session, you will learn how to:

  1. Identify the role & growth of the Internet & how it has changed the real estate consumers’ research process so that you can adjust your marketing activities accordingly.

  2. Identify which modern marketing technique best fits your marketing goals and strategy and then incorporate it into your marketing plan

  3. Identify which social media network best fits you and your marketing strategy best and relate how social media advertising can help you optimally reach that audience.


  • The Overwhelmed & Connected Consumer and Visual Marketing

  • Hub & Spoke Marketing and Your Website as the Hub

  • Online Paid Advertising Options

  • Social Media & Video 

  • Modernizing Offline & Traditional Marketing

  • Great Tools to Pull Off Your Digital Strategy

  • And much more

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