Life in the Fast Lane - Adapt or Die

Darwinism states that “Anything That Doesn’t Adapt, Dies”.  The real estate industry has gone through many significant changes in the past, but the recent wave of technology disruptions presents the most daunting set of challenges yet. In this session we will explore this landscape, identify some best practices and provide valuable insights and ideas you can implement to ensure that your association adapts and not only survives, but thrives now and into the future.


Each attendee will gain a better understanding of the impact of many recent technological advancements and obtain strategies that can be implemented at their association to overcome them.

Direct Learning Objects

  • Recognize the technological advancements that are or going to disrupt the real estate industry and your association.

  • Identify the best practices being implemented at other associations around the country that address the technological disruptions.

  • Develop a plan that can be implemented at your association to ensure you are best prepared for technological disruptions.

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