Technology to Help You Thrive During (& After) a Pandemic

These days, with all the social distancing and being forced to work from home. you are not alone if you are struggling to figure things out with the "new normal".

In this session, RETI CEO, tech expert Craig Grant will give you the help & tools you need to:
- Effectively Work Remotely or from Home
- Stay in Contact & Connected to Your Customers, Teammates & Family/Friends
- Do Remote Property Showings & Virtual Tours
- The Entire Real Estate Process Remotely from lead generation to nurturing all the way to contract and beyond
- And More!

Direct Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the tips & tools that will help you work remotely

  2. Identify the tools that will help you stay connected, organized & more while working remotely

  3. Identify the tools that will help you conduct virtual showings, listing presentations, and more


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